Footsteps Asia has a simple mission: to be a platform that brings together anyone with an interest in women’s empowerment issues across Asia-Pacific.

We were founded on the belief that women across the region face similar barriers to equality and empowerment. Beyond geographic boundaries and cultural differences, women and girls confront familiar challenges to full political, economic and social empowerment. With more that unites than divides, there is an untapped opportunity for women to teach and learn from each other.  

We aim to track key developments across the region, drawing connections between geographies wherever possible. We also serve as a central repository for the important work done by others – from academics to NGOs to international organizations.

We provide a space for dynamic organizations and individuals – from grassroots leaders to corporate executives – to share how they are working to advance empowerment. We hope these stories of hard-won victories can promote shared learning and peer-to-peer exchanges across the region.

Our ultimate vision is to be a platform that inspires change by bringing to life what others have already achieved through creativity, shared purpose, and sheer force of will. We hope that by illuminating the footsteps of these pioneers, we can help pave the way for others to follow. 


“But are my foot­steps silent?

Are they just holes within the sand?

Or does another hear them, follow,

And find me where I am?”  

-- LS Hartfield --