Campaign: Changing attitudes towards rape in Malaysia

This week Malaysia’s Yeo Bin Yin (Democratic Action Party) announced that she has teamed up with the All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) to launch a digital campaign that is focused on shifting perceptions about rape in Malaysian culture.

Alongside the launch of the digital campaign, a government funded video was posted online entitled “Rogol adalah rogol. Tiada alasa,” translated as “No excuse to rape.”

The video is targeted at men and those that continue to perpetuate the victim-blaming culture that is prevalent in Malaysia. It depicts three separate cases of rape: statutory, substance-related, and marital.

April marks a wider ‘sexual assault awareness campaign’ that seeks to address the alarming number of cases of rape in Malaysia. Nearly 3000 cases are reported every year, which only represents a fifth of the total number that had been believed to take place. Out of all the cases that were reported since 2005 - only 2.7% resulted in successful convictions. 

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Quint Simon

Quint is the founder and editor of Footsteps Asia. She developed a passion for women's issues in Asia after being involved in some of the amazing and innovative efforts aimed at advancing gender equality in the region. She is currently based in Singapore, via Beijing and Jakarta.